• In-Depth classes on technical analysis covering various indicators in detail
  • Optimization of indicators
  • Unconventional use of indicators
  • TFA - premium concept and time frames to use
  • Amalgamation of indicators for better results
  • Premium strategies with examples that had helped over 1500 plus students in making money from the last 10 plus years. And will help you make money from the very next day.
  • Hand holding /support/ 1-month doubt clearing session

  • Most Important missing link stock investment and trade and because of lack of knowledge of this most of the technical analysts lose money even after a vast experience and classes.
  • Get to know important levels for trade entry/exit, the trend of market and reversal points
  • Become expert in Nifty and bank nifty trading
  • Foundation for options writing
  • Become expert in decision making of when to exit/enter in long term wealth creating portfolio.

  • Practical use of options in trading without going into options Greeks
  • When to buy options and when to sell options
  • Intro to technical analysis related to options trading i.e. when to buy options and when to write options based on technical analysis
  • Use of India volatility index VIX for decision making on when to buy options and when to write options
  • Weekly expiry index options trading
  • Options strategies for regular consistent income from options
  • Which strike price to choose for options trading.

  • Delta hedging for risk-free income from options trading
  • How to choose strike prices in Iron condor strategies
  • When to choose iron condor and when to use iron fly strategy and how to get additional safety in both strategies which are based on personal trading experience.
  • Options chain analysis
  • VIX analysisv
  • Expiry day options writing strategy.

  • In-depth knowledge of robo trading software.
  • Practical use of amibroker and our premium AFLs.
  • How to do 100% automatic trading with your PC in power off mode.
  • Different types of targets and stop loss in robo trading.
  • Robo advisory
  • For intermediate to advanced traders who want to automate trading system and trade systematically without the involvement of human emotions.

Free courses for beginners

  • How to take first step in stock market?
  • How to start investment and create a wealth creating portfolio?
  • Intro to technical analysis with 3 premium intraday and swing trading strategies.
  • Intro to fundamental analysis
  • Paid courses

    1. Advanced technical analysis course
    2. Smart money tracking course/ NSE data analysis course
    3. Options Trading Course
    4. Options Writing/Selling Mastery Course (premium)
    5. Robo/Algo Trading Course